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Let us help get your website rankings a little higher. Fill out this form and we will send you our packaged report for your website for free. If that didn’t answer all of your questions we can do a more in-depth report, we use Screaming Frog SEO for this and do charge a fee.

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What We Do

Just a few of our specialties

Search Engine Optimization

Yup you probably figured this one out already. We do this!

Content Optimization

This includes optimizing pictures and we get involved with the technical writings of the website.

Website Applications

Have an idea you want to bring forth in a web application? We can help!

Web Hosting

We have a fully managed web hosting platform. This means you don't have to worry about all the settings and updates. We do that. Sorry but do to security reasons we do not offer cpanel access to your clients. We keep it locked down. If you want access we might suggest your own hosting platform with another company.

Weekly Backups

If you have us as your host we offer weekly backups of your website. Anything goes wrong and bam! We have you back up in no time.

Website Design and Build

Oh yes we do this as well. We build our websites with a back end that allows our clients to update their websites with ease. If you still have difficulty, because it was built by us we will always assist or answer questions. Even if it wasn't our work, we can assist for a nominal fee of course.

Don't Fall For Imposters

Many SEO Experts will promise you top rankings and trying to weed out who can do it and who can’t is next to impossible. 

SEO Partners will never promise 1st place. It’s a pipe dream for most businesses. What we do is make sure your website is search engine friendly, can be indexed easily, make sure the content is delivered fast and is relative to what you’re selling. Eliminate errors and increase your ranking naturally over time. Patience is the key with SEO work. 

Cups Of Coffee


Is What We Give


Error Free Website


As long as you have an active contract with us, we will continue to monitor your websites performance and make slight changes where required. We will work with you to understand your business and make calculated moves to increase your websites traffic.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Maybe its time to redesign that old website. Bring the code up to speed. Make information easier to find for your visitor. SEO Partners can help there too. We do web design as well. Our software will allow you to update your website through a client front end with ease. No coding necessary. Its all really point and click. Contact Us today! 

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO specialist?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEOSpecialist analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines..

How much can I expect to pay?

This is all presented upfront. Usually a high level preliminary website check is free, or it is with us. A more detailed report cost depends on the number or pages your site has. SEO practices can take time and depending on what you would like to accomplish is then quoted.

How do I know its working?

Your SEO specialist should have your website connected to various analytic programs. As your site goes through its changes you should see changes in page positioning with the search engines and even higher traffic numbers.

I want to rank number 1!

We hear this a lot.  I’m sorry to be the one to burst this bubble but being number one in the search engine rankings is a pipe dream.  There is a lot of work involved in increasing the websites page rank. Many theories.  But the main idea is to make sure the website gets indexed properly and has no errors. Once the site is clean that’s the majority of the battle. 

Let's Work Together!

SEO Partners wants to help you achieve your dream!


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It All Takes Time

If you're looking to have your search engine rank improved in a short period of time we are not for you. SEO work when done correctly takes time. We would have to question SEO practices that promise 1st page rankings or quick movement. You should too. If your website is caught using unethical SEO practices you could be facing a world of hurt. Blacklisted websites are hard to recover from.

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